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About The Energy Alliance

We are a team of energy professionals specializing in the procurement of electricity and natural gas.

Energy costs are among the most critical costs facing small business in America. The Energy Alliance can help you ask the right questions and make smarter decisions about your energy expenditures.

We are a supplier-neutral partner which means… we work for you, not the supplier. Our unique relationships with the electricity and natural gas supplier network gives our customers access to some of the most competitive pricing in the market. Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, property managers, food service companies, hospitals and municipalities. We are also proud to work with many smaller businesses where a few dollars can make a real difference to the bottom line. 

The Energy Alliance was selected as the exclusive partner of Quadlogic Controls to source energy procurement for their vast database of customers. In addition, we partner with Quadlogic to advise our customers on submetering solutions.

In addition to our procurement services, we can also help companies with energy reduction or demand-side energy management solutions. These services can include energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand response or equipment retrofits.

From energy procurement to portfolio management, we have successfully helped hundreds of clients find short and long-term energy solutions.

Ask us how we can help your business.