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Energy Portfolio Management

Energy Portfolio Management

Electricity & Natural Gas Procurement 

The Energy Alliance can help you purchase long or short-term energy supply via the following:

  • Fully fixed rate agreements
  • Index-based floating rate agreements
  • “Block and index” hybrid solution agreements

Energy Portfolio Management  Market advice to help you manage your energy decisions and costs in a way that best suits your risk tolerance.

Renewable or “Green” Energy Solutions 

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Cogeneration

Cogeneration Systems  Advisory services and installation of systems that use a common energy source to produce both electricity and thermal output, resulting in increased fuel efficiency.

Lighting  Upgrades and retrofits.

Natural Gas Conversions  Upgrade and convert your old oil system to natural gas.

Energy Audits A thorough assessment of your property or business to determine and implement energy efficiency recommendations.